Women & Philanthropy Network Members, 

We know that membership in this organization is very special to each of us.  It is our way to share our time, talent, and treasure with other women who inspire us. We can all reflect on women who have impacted our lives in our Women & Philanthropy journey.   

Now, please take a few minutes, to identify amazing women in your network (both professionally and personally). Jot those names down and collect their contact information.  Share those two or three names with our group by completing this simple Google form. Please click on this link and make your potential new member nominations in this form by July 14. 


The Leadership Council has approved a 2021 Membership Plan. Our goal is to grow our organization by 10% this calendar year. We need your help to get there!  All of us play a vital role in our growth and development as an organization.  

As we make strides to embrace new membership strategies, we must also engage and retain our current membership. One way that you can be a part of sustaining this organization is to recruit your friends, family and colleagues.   

We look forward to “seeing” you in the very near future. 


Sara-Elizabeth Bush
W&P Membership Co-Chair

Kelly Sullivan Holland
W&P Membership Co-Chair