Remembering Myra Tobin, Charter Member

Memorial photo of Myra Tobin

In the words of her sister, Linda Schrecker

I think some people are just born leaders and want to make our world a better place. That is my sister, Myra. From her early education she always wanted to be the “BEST,” help others to succeed and strive for excellence. Teachers recognized her leadership ability. She was president of every organization in high school and participated in most activities. 

When she entered the University of Kentucky, she realized there were many students striving for the same goals. Competition was fierce. She was met with rejection as in sorority rush. Being from a small town, she knew nothing of this group. But she didn’t let that stop her. She joined every organization possible, made all A’s and the next year was invited to join all the sororities and she became the president of her group. 

As a leader at UK, Myra was connected with students from other countries. She brought many to our home, attended their weddings and remained friends until her passing. Through this organization she learned of their culture and was truly interested in their families and how they lived. She taught them the ways of Kentucky and America. Myra eventually became a world traveler and made friends along the way. 

While working in New York, Myra was a member of a business group called, “Women Helping Women.” She mentored high school girls from the inner city. They would come to her office and she would encourage them to study hard, make good grades, set goals and prepare for the future. They toured the city, went to plays and nice dinners. This was eye-opening for them and rewarding for Myra. 

Myra was always inspiring her nieces and nephews to strive for excellence and not settle for mediocracy. When she took them on yearly trips to New York, Hawaii, Europe, Australia, the Olympics in Atlanta and Spain and other places, the knowledge they gained was astounding. They attended museums, theaters, historic places, cathedrals and in the evenings after a day of traveling or sightseeing, she had them make scrapbooks. Myra never missed an opportunity to broaden their horizons. 

Myra invited one of her nephews, with nine of his UK buddies, to New York where she entertained them with dinners, plays, ballgames, museums and all the New York sights. Always teaching, she kept them busy until midnight. Myra gave this New York tour to many of her Kentucky friends. 

Another nephew Myra took to North Carolina to enroll in school and met students in the dorm and until the end they called to check on Aunt Myra. She packed each of their visits, fitting in friends, cultural activities and sporting events. She attended their weddings and continued to share her thoughts and encouragements. 

After Myra’s funeral we received many cards and tributes to her. They told of her determination, support and motivation. Myra loved her many friends, her family, UK, Kentucky and her uninhibited loyalty to the Kentucky Wildcats. Her sisters are proud of their big sister and desperately miss her.   

Memorial gifts may be made to the University of Kentucky and directed to the Myra Tobin Scholarship Fund in the UK Alumni Association. 

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