New Fellows Listing

New Fellows Listing for June 2019

Denny and Laurie Howell Prospect, KY Patterson
Rising Sun Development Lexington, KY Patterson
Hank and Charlette Allen West Liberty, KY Dickey
Leslee Gilbert and Daniel Crowe Alexandria, VA Dickey
Jonathan and Cathleen Nalli Indianapolis, IN Dickey
Michael C. and Susan C. Scott Atlanta Dickey
Fowler Bell PLLC Lexington, KY Barker
JoAnn Hilliker Gainesville, FL Barker
Hank and Kathy Thompson Louisville, KY Barker
Ryan R. and Lisa G. Atkinson Lexington, KY McVey
Charles J. and Diane C. Barr Gallatin, TN McVey
Jason and Michelle Cooper Cincinnati, OH McVey
Roger L. Meredith Wilmington, OH McVey
John C. and Shelly Miller Campbellsville, KY McVey
Gregory L. and Carol A. Monge New Braunfels, TX McVey
Buddy Wayne and Della S. Prather Lexington, KY McVey

New Fellows Listing for May 2019

Xavier J. and Glenda Wahner Dunlap, TN Dickey
Edward L. and Janice K. Grimes Edgewood, KY Barker

New Fellows Listing for February 2019

John R. Guthrie Louisville, KY Bowman
Gregg Alan and Joan Adkisson Coleman Louisville, KY Dickey
C. Gregory and Lisa Foronda Harper Houston, TX Dickey
Tom and Lodie Jones New Albany, IN Dickey
William C. Lubawy Lexington, KY Barker
Mark W. and Virginia Shanda Lexington, KY Dickey
Sheryl G. Snyder Louisville, KY Dickey
Nelle V. Barr Westminster, CO Barker
Nancy M. Little Flower Mound, TX Barker
Jeff and Shelia McIntosh Lexington, KY Barker
David L. and Mary S. Patton Lexington, KY Barker
John and Martha Tarrant Lexington, KY Barker
Dale Due Villa Heights, KY McVey
Kurt and Julie Eversole San Antonio, TX McVey
William C. and Nancy M. Harrison Owensboro, KY McVey
Jo W. Leone Lexington, KY McVey
Manda McLennan Lexington, KY McVey
Jim and Beth Moore Louisville, KY McVey
James and Lorri Morris Lexington, KY McVey
Christopher A. and Heather P. Stewart Danville, KY McVey

New Fellows Listing for January 2019

James C. and Mary G. Eaves Louisville, KY Patterson
Hargett Corporation Lexington, KY Patterson
J. Fritz Skeen Ponte Verdra, FL Patterson
Eleanor Botts Cincinnati, OH Bowman
Rick and Tonya Bumm Parsons Lexington, KY Bowman
Jay and Mary Beth Henthorne Wooster, OH Dickey
Thomas Burks, III and Amy Hillenmeyer Kessinger Lexington, KY  Dickey
Rick and Marion Queen Lexington, KY Dickey
Stephen Bradley and Cynthia Higgins Sullivan Louisville, KY Dickey
William and Mary Witt Lexington, KY Dickey
John S. Cain Ryland Heights, KY Barker
Waller Lisle and Katherine Vance Dalton Lexington, KY Barker
Al and Mary S. Templeton Washington, DC Barker
Warren and Carolyn Deatrick  Winter Park, FL McVey
Thomas and Catherine Hanna Lexington, KY McVey
Ernest H., II and Elizabeth T. Jones Lexington, KY McVey
Joshua F. Barnette and Cortney E. Lollar Lexington, KY McVey
Neil and Sherri Mosley  Lexington, KY McVey
David C. and Patricia H. Quast Edgewood, KY McVey
Cassidy and Lee Rosenthal  Lexington, KY McVey
Orby R. and Tina Pugh Sanders Knoxville, TN McVey
Rebecca and Justin Sherman  Lexington, KY McVey
Georgia P. Tomich Brentwood, TN McVey

New Fellows Listing for December 2018

Brian K. Holley Mount Sterling, KY Presidential
Fred L. and Jane Bishop Lexington, KY McVey
Robert and Jackie Prichard Villa Hills, KY McVey
Christopher Brian Sizemore Pineville, KY McVey

New Fellows Listing for October 2018

Daniel and Cecelia Bates Whitesburg, KY Patterson
Key Investment Solutions Lexington, KY Bowman
Elizabeth Shaw Barr and Don J. Kleier Frankfort, KY Bowman
Joseph and Lisa Peters Louisville, KY Bowman
Steve and Sharon Clifton  Lexington, KY Dickey
Donald R. Dizney Windemere, FL Dickey
Sandra L. Helton and Norma E. Edelson Chicago, IL Dickey
Lowell Lee Hess Abington, VA Dickey
Beth A. Miller Lexington, KY Dickey
Mark and Tammy Switow Prospect, KY Dickey
Anthony and Donna Rogers Lexington, KY Dickey
George E. and Deborah E. Vranich Louisville, KY Dickey
Charles K. and Barbara English Bowling Green, KY Barker
Jim and Stacey Richardson  Lexington, KY Barker
D. Michael and Susan F. Richey Lawrenceburg, KY Barker
Cindy D. Stowe Louisville, KY Barker
Denise Kirk Ash Lexington, KY McVey
Ashby T. Corum  Birmingham, MI McVey
Thomas and Patsy Ekers Georgetown, KY McVey
D. Standford and Kelly Jean Ferguson Lexington, KY McVey
Jack and Janet Golthorpe Lexington, KY McVey
David L. and Wanda Jaquith  Lexington, KY McVey
Lloyd and Barbara Murdock  Princeton, KY McVey
Mary Frances Pack Louisville, KY McVey
Scott Prather Lexington, KY McVey
Barry S. and Pam R. Settles Versailles, KY  McVey

New Fellows Listing for August 2018

Thomas A. and Rebecca H. Becherer Lexington, KY Bowman
Nick Carter Lexington, KY Bowman
Curtis C. and Linda H. Green Lexington, KY Dickey
Connie Bishop Lexington, KY Dickey
Thomas and Martha Caywood Lexington, KY Dickey
Kevin M. and Cathy B. Doyle Lexington, KY Dickey
George A. and Ruth H. Duncan Lexington, KY Dickey
James W. and Ellen Sutherland Freeman Lexington, KY Dickey
Joseph F. O'Neil Mandeville, LA Dickey
Robert and Colleen Schiavone Louisville, KY Dickey
Mitch and Kekee Szorcsik Estero, FL Dickey
Paul E. and Emily S. Bayes Johnson City, TN Barker
Rudy and Cate Bucheitt Lexington, KY Barker
Thomas M. and Janet A. Matthews  Lexington, KY Barker
R. Stewart Perry  Lexington, KY Barker
Rebecca A. Timmons  Lexington, KY Barker
Keith and Nanci Alexander  Lexington, KY McVey
Donna Arnett and Stephen Glasser  Nicholasville, KY McVey
Frank Avason III Denver, NC McVey
Jeffrey L. Brown   Lexington, KY McVey
A. Sterling Card    Olathe, KS McVey
David and Janet Doss Lexington, KY McVey
W. Scott and Jennifer J. Duncan  Lexington, KY McVey
John M. Farmer  Louisville, KY McVey
Troy and Gail Hammett  Chattanooga, TN McVey
Patricia Jane Haynes    Lexington, KY McVey
Darrin Len and Kelly Sullivan Holland    Lexington, KY McVey
John and Sherry Holmes    Lexington, KY McVey
Anne Hyde and Bryan Gilson     Lexington, KY McVey
Anne Turner Kraus     Lexington, KY McVey
Robert A. Marshall    Louisville, KY McVey
Keith D. and Pam J. McCoy     Hazard, KY McVey
Thomas and Lauren Meyer  Fort Thomas, KY McVey
William C. and Janice K. Miles   Union, KY  McVey
John and Shera Newcomb   Corbin, KY McVey
Joe and Jan Patton   Paintsville, KY McVey
Ben C., III and Sandie P. Sewell  Columbia, TN McVey
Chad and Kenita Withrow   Glasgow, KY McVey

New Fellows Listing for July 2018

Norwood, Jr. and Judy Cowgill Lexington, KY Patterson
Linda Lloyd Hart Houston, TX Patterson
Ryan and Klark Turpen Danville, KY Bowman
Brett D. Akers Nicholasville, KY Dickey
Farra M. and Katie S. Alford Lexington, KY Dickey
W. Van Alford Lexington, KY Dickey
Michael W. Bowling Dallas, TX Dickey
Allan Parnell Louisville, KY Dickey
Patti Embry-Tautenhan and Jeffrey Tautenhan Columbia, SC Dickey
Steven A. Bright Paducah, KY Barker
Scott M. Mayes Lexington, KY Barker
Wendell and Joanne Overcash Goshen, KY Barker
Rodney W. Stiles Lexington, KY Barker
Joe and Beth Woods Lexington, KY Barker
Jeremy E. Bates Lexington, KY McVey
D. Edward Brown Lexington, KY McVey
Charles H. and Tamella B. Casis Prospect, KY McVey
Lisa Cliggett Lexington, KY McVey
Robert and Lisa Dattilio Lexington, KY McVey
Melvin W. and Beverky W. Dean Lexington, KY McVey
Robin L. Donhoff Prospect, KY McVey
Mansfield, Jr. and Janice Dixon Pineville, KY McVey
Tony W. Dotson Ashland, KY McVey
Thomas M. Hackney Lexington, KY McVey
Michael J. Hart Lexington, KY McVey
Brian T. and Kelli G. Mulberry Cynthiana, KY McVey
Jon and Lisa Samokar Lexington, KY McVey
Scott and Bunny Scutchfield Danville, KY McVey
Greg and Terry Spradlin Covington, KY McVey
Doug and Sharon Warriner Barbourville, KY McVey
Garey L. White Lexington, KY McVey

New Fellows Listing for June 2018

UK Alumni Association Lexington, KY Commonwealth
W. Bruce Lunsford Louisville, KY Presidential
J. David Moore Greenville, SC Bowman
Paul L. Reynolds Hebron, KY Bowman
Quentin W., Jr. and Suzanne C. Walker Lexington, KY Bowman
Edward S. Bringardner Lexington, KY Dickey
Firmon and Betty Cook Princeton, KY Dickey
Nick L. Cross Atlanta, GA Dickey
Harold T. and Shirely Daniel Lexington, KY Dickey
Chris and Vicki B. Gorman Prospect, KY Dickey
Philip Marcum Great Falls, VA Dickey
Frederick T. and Darlene Fleming May Bowling Green, KY Dickey
Johnnie and Maritza Turner Harlan, KY Dickey
Barbara J. Collins Louisville, KY Barker
Fred and Roberta Dorn Lexington, KY Barker
C. Joseph Beavin Lexington, KY Barker
Mary Lloyd Ireland Lexington, KY McVey
Mark R. and Darlene M. Elliott Wilmore, KY McVey
Jim and Nancy Leopold Louisville, KY McVey
Charlie H. Mitchell Louisville, KY McVey
Robert J. Ruckriegel Shelbyville, KY McVey
Thomas Uram Eight Four, PA McVey

New Fellows Listing for March 2018

James W. Dinkle-Carlos Mas Rivera Oakland, ME Bowman
James L. and Suzanne H. Elliott Nicholasville, KY Dickey
Gerald and Virginia Hodges Iowa City, IA Dickey
John and Karen Willmoth Louisville, KY Dickey  
Paul P. and Denise W. DeLuca Danville, KY Barker
Robert and Penny Warren Lexington, KY Barker
C. Douglas Hensley Louisville, KY McVey
Sherri Keller Lexington, KY McVey
J. Guthrie and Jennifer B. True Frankfort, KY McVey
Bryan O. Walker Cincinnati, OH McVey

New Fellows Listing for February 2018

Darryl and Teri Isaacs Louisville, KY Presidential
Kentucky Farm Bureau Federation Louisville, KY Presidential
Ellsworth C. and Sara Lee Seeley Lexington, KY Bowman
Karen Holder Sanibel, FL Dickey
S. Bradford Rives Louisville, KY Dickey
John Wood Lexington, KY Dickey
Jackie L. Banahan Lexington, KY Barker
Garland H., III and Donna F. Barr Lexington, KY Barker
Kendall Flint and Beverly Donnell Holbrook York, SC Barker
Bradley  J. and Dawn S. Scott Lexington, KY Barker
Sam Willett Mayfield, KY Barker
Tom Bowersox Ocean Ridge, FL McVey
John W. and Peggy H. Collins Lexington, KY McVey
James C. and Ellen Pryor Costigan Frankfort, KY McVey
Bill and Donna Doerr Elizabethtown, KY McVey
James P. and Jolly Hardin Hill Kingsport, TN McVey
Mark and Kelly Jordan Louisville, KY McVey
David R. Lafferty Lexington, KY McVey
John T. and Judy E. McGarvey Louisville, KY McVey
Beth Shanks Rous Lexington, KY McVey
Rodney and Charlotte Tulloch Lexington, KY McVey
Scott. C. Veazey Louisville, KY McVey

New Fellows Listing for January 2018

Bien-Air USA Irvine, CA Presidential
Joseph H. Clark Lexington, KY Presidential
The Hunt Advantage Group Paris, KY Presidential
Bing and Rachel Wei Hu Zhang Wilmington, DE Presidential
David R. Caldwell Lexington, KY Bowman
Jonathan "Finn" Green Frankfort, KY Dickey
Shirley McVay Wiseman Lexington, KY Dickey
Bradford L. and Margaret R. Cowgill Lexington, KY Barker
Shane T. Carlin and Annie Sit Evanston, IL McVey
Tim Futrell Franklin, TN McVey
Sunny Hite Terre Haute, IN McVey
Lowell Daniel and Claire B. Key Paducah, KY McVey
Janice Kupperstein Lexington, KY McVey
P. Scott Moffitt Burlington, NC McVey
John W. and Elizabeth M. Toombs Lexington, KY McVey
Michael S. Vetter and Cynthia J. Ratliff Gainesville, FL McVey
Harold R. Weinberg Lexington, KY McVey