Emily Sharp

Growing up, Emily and her dad never missed a University of Kentucky basketball or football game. Her father was an alumnus, and there was no other place Emily could picture herself.

Now, Emily's father continues to inspire her. Three years ago, her father died of lung cancer. To deal with the loss, the family entered therapy. It was a field Emily never considered before, but now, she is planning to attend graduate school to become a certified family therapist. 

"I started in education, but the more that my family went to therapy, the more I loved it," Emily said. "When my friend lost her dad, I was able to help her through that and walk her through the stages of grief. I saw that I was able to help others through dark times, and I wanted to continue making a difference through my career."

Impacting her community has been a constant throughout Emily's life. She has served her community back in London, Kentucky, and in Lexington. Recently, she was named Miss Lexington, and her platform is "Take It Easy." She encourages kids to make healthy life choices and to shy away from using tobacco. She has traveled to many schools to tell her father's story.

"If I can use my personal story to help save lives, I want to do it," Sharp said. 

She also is active in Buddies of the Bluegrass, the American Cancer Society and Children's Miracle Network.