Foundation and Corporate Philanthropy

Foundation and Corporate Philanthropy

In the Office of Foundation and Corporate Philanthropy, it is all about relationships. By partnering with foundations and corporations, we have helped University of Kentucky students, faculty, staff, researchers and programs flourish and grow. 

It starts with information. Our office connects foundations and corporations to the projects and programs that fit their interests, values and funding models. Similarly, we educate faculty and staff about available funding opportunities. The combined result has been transformative, building programs, endowing scholarships and advancing research that will enhance the communities, state, nation and world UK serves.

Support from foundations and corporations plays a vital role in enabling UK to fulfill its historic mission, to prepare the next generation of students and to be an engine of innovation that continues generating new ideas and programs.

We look forward to working with you and encourage you to explore the resources on our pages or to call our office at (859) 257-1308 for more information. You can also contact our staff directly:

Jessica Koenigsknecht-Talboo
Director, Foundation and Corporate Philanthropy
(859) 323-6570

Sarah Mardon
Associate Director-STEM, Foundation and Corporate Philanthropy
(859) 323-1885

Jonathan Mitchell
Coordinator, Foundation and Corporate Philanthropy
(859) 257-1308


Hearst Scholar Spreads Mentoring Message Throughout Ghana
Nursing senior Nana Ntodi has made a name for herself by creating a mentorship program for girls. A Hearst Scholar and first generation student, she knows the power of good mentors.
Brown-Forman Support Provides Robust Wellness Programming at UK
For nearly 10 years, Brown-Forman has funded wellness initiatives at UK, including alcohol awareness programs, a sober living area and the Student Wellness Ambassadors.
Coca-Cola Foundation Invests $100,000 in UK Scholarships
Every year, the Coca-Cola Scholars Program awards more than 6,150 students nationwide scholarship support. Last year, Coca-Cola committed $100,000 to UK student success.