Information for UK Faculty and Staff

In Foundation and Corporate Philanthropy, we are constantly amazed at the ingenuity of our faculty and staff. Your work is revolutionizing your industries and transforming your communities. We want to help transform your innovative ideas into fundable projects and facilitate multifaceted campus engagement. By working with foundations and corporations, our office matches UK projects and people with companies and organizations that share their vision and goals.

Call Foundation and Corporate Philanthropy at (859) 257-1308 for more information or to discuss funding options. 

Among the services FCP offers are:

  • Identifying charitable funders and on-campus collaborations
  • Tailoring project ideas to funders’ interests 
  • Cultivating and contacting funders 
  • Reviewing and editing proposals 
  • Navigating internal and external policies 
  • Negotiating gift agreements 
  • Stewarding donors