Foundations enter into partnerships to
•    Outsource their philanthropic ideas
•    Support well defined plans
•    Accomplish mutually beneficial goals

Corporations make investments based on their
•    Community, workforce and reputation
•    Ability to receive recognition, accountability and reporting
•    Common goals; companies are more likely to support mutually beneficial plans

Preparing Your Proposal
•    What are you proposing?
•    How much funding are you requesting?
•    Why is your project important?
•    How does it fit the donor’s interests?
•    What makes you qualified to do this?
•    How will you measure or assess your success?
•    How will you sustain your project?

Tips for Success
•    Do your research and don’t over ask
•    Tailor your strengths to the funder’s priorities
•    Summarize your case early
•    Be confident, but avoid superlatives
•    Show rather than tell
•    Follow the directions
•    Be clear and concise

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