Students and scholars
•    Provide 2,100 LEADS and other scholarships.
•    Grow the scholarship endowment by $300 million.
•    Make college more affordable for Kentucky residents.
•    Increase the six-year graduation rate to 70 percent.
Research and scholarship
•    Create solutions to the issues we face: cancer, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases and substance abuse.
•    Assemble more research teams focused on improving Kentuckians’ overall health.
•    Attract and retain top talent.
•    Raise $95 million to complete a research facility focused on health disparities in Kentucky.
Endowment and support for the work we do
•    Grow our endowment to $2.1 billion, currently at $1.5 billion.
•    Increase scholarships, offering an affordable education to more UK students.
•    Create a sustainable path for funding programs for the life of the university.
•    Equip our facilities with the latest technology, better preparing students for their lives and careers.
•    Provide 350 scholarships for our student-athletes.
•    Commit to each student-athlete and their academic and athletic success.
•    Ensure state-of-the-art facilities for 22 teams.
•    Fully modernize Memorial Coliseum, home to our great tradition of excellence and our heritage in honor of Kentucky veterans and several of our teams.
•    Create enhanced academic facilities and general scholarships.