Divided in Basketball, United in Love of Education


By Molly Williamson

It is a house divided. Dr. Drayton Logan-Metzler supports the University of Kentucky. She graduated from UK in 1977 with a nursing degree, and her extended family has always cheered for the Wildcats. Her husband, Dr. James Metzler, is a die-hard University of Louisville fan. 

“People ask me how can we live together, but what they don’t know is that we are both fans of UK and UofL,” Drayton said. “If they are playing someone else, we will root for either team, but when push comes to shove and they are playing each other, I root for UK, and he roots for UofL.”

While the couple may differ about basketball, they agree on the importance of education, specifically healthcare education. A native of Shelbyville, Drayton came from a family of health professionals. Many of her extended family members worked as nurses, and now her son and daughter-in-law are nurses.

She continued her education at the University of Louisville School of Medicine, where she met James. Now, Drayton works as a radiation and oncology doctor, and James is a family practitioner in Indiana. Throughout their careers, the couple has generously supported their church and community, but they never thought about giving back to their alma maters. 

When a representative of UK Philanthropy visited them, they learned the many ways they could support the College of Nursing, including giving an annual award for an outstanding nurse. They established an annual scholarship and attended several scholarship lunches, where they were inspired and touched by the recipients’ stories.

“I enjoyed my time at UK and got a great education in the nursing school,” Drayton said. “We wanted other students to have the same experience. We are all going to need a nurse in the future, because we are all aging. By giving back, we are helping to strengthen the profession.”

In 2017, they began considering something more permanent. By creating the Logan Metzler Family Nursing Scholarship, they were able to honor both of their families and support disadvantaged students who are active in their community and have a history of volunteer service. 

“We liked the idea of helping someone go to college, and endowing our scholarship seemed more meaningful,” Drayton said. “It was an ongoing way to support students, the college and the profession.”

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