Browning Plans to Start Humanitarian NGO After Graduation


By Haley Potter

Senior Shelby Browning is currently pursuing a degree in chemical engineering. In addition to her position on the Student Philanthropy Board, Browning participates in several organizations on campus including the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, the University of Kentucky Appropriate Technology and Sustainability Research Team, Engineers for a Sustainable World and the Society of Women Engineers

Browning sees philanthropy as an opportunity to help.

“(Philanthropy is) helping in any way, shape and form that is possible for you,” Browning said. 

In her case, Browning is passionate about sustainability and decreasing the amount of plastic in our environment. She has traveled to East Africa to inspire women to become entrepreneurs by turning waste plastic into a fuel oil similar to diesel fuel in an effort to decrease plastic.

Browning hopes to use her expertise in sustainability to start a nongovernmental organization working with sustainability and humanitarian efforts. 

Outside of philanthropy and sustainability, Browning loves traveling, hiking, and swimming. 

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