Kennedy Sabharwal

Preparing to enter UK College of Medicine in the fall, Kennedy has a busy summer planned. Recently named Miss University of Kentucky, she will compete for the title of Miss Kentucky and hopefully advance to the Miss America pageant. Her platform is #ICan, showing others that no matter how big their dreams, they can accomplish anything. 

It is something she knows well. Active on campus, Kennedy is an Alumni Ambassador, member of Alpha Delta Pi and recently completed a plastic surgery internship. She also has her own nonprofit that she and her brother started in 2007. Project Red Light delivers books and videos to hospitals in the area. Since 2007, they have collected and distributed more than 5,000 items to six different hospitals. 

"It is very rewarding, because it is nice being part of something that is bigger than yourself," the Lexington, Kentucky, native said.

An original member of the Student Philanthropy Board, Kennedy returned this year to further the group's work. 

"Last year, I think we fostered a sense of community and make our presence known on campus," Kennedy said. "We were able to spread the spirit of philanthropy to other students, and I want to continue that. Last year, we were starting something new, and this year, I want to help it grow exponentially."