Laura Nolan

In her second year as a member of the Student Philanthropy Board, Laura has seen the impact of her contributions.

"I joined last year to work with a great group of students and to learn more about philanthropy at UK," Laura said. "This year, I hope to learn how important philanthropy is to UK as a whole and to individual students and see how I can help."

A native of Danville, Kentucky, Laura chose UK because it offered her many options for studies and career choices. It also allowed her to get involved. On campus, she is a member of the UK Newman Center and the National Student Speech Language and Hearing Association. By actively participating on campus, she is hoping to give back to the community.

"Giving back allows people to accomplish things that they otherwise may not," Laura said. "Such accomplishments go on to help UK, the Lexington community and beyond. I hope to promote the culture of philanthropy across campus and to help people learn what they can do to help out now and in the future."