Megan Peters

After living in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, her whole life, Megan wanted a change. She chose the University of Kentucky because it offered her the best scholarships, and because her godparents were big UK fans.

"State tuition is expensive, and even with help, I needed money for text books, a meal plan and other essentials," Megan said. "I appreciate all of the scholarships I received, and I wanted to pay it forward and help others. I have always been active in my community, helping needy families, serving at pancake breakfasts and donating clothes and food. The Student Philanthropy Board seemed like a way to continue that service."

On campus, she is a member of the Society of Women Engineers and the Russian Club, the vice president of the UK chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers and she reads to the blind. Back home, she helps organize dances for the mentally and physically impaired. 

"A lot of people want to get involved, but they do not know how unless it is handed to them," Megan said. "I want to show people who they can make an impact, even if they do not have extra income, and show them how they can help others who may not have the same opportunities they do."

After graduation, she plans to get a Ph.D. in pharmaceutical engineering and has already spent time on campus researching stem cells and other "scaffolding" that can help facilitate tissue regeneration.