Meghan Craig

Growing up with a severely disabled sister, Meghan was acutely aware of her own privilege. She was thankful to be healthy and saw how the people who worked with her sister impacted the quality of her life. She wanted to return the favor. 

“I knew I wanted to give others the opportunities that I was given,” Meghan said. “At a young age, I thought this meant by volunteering time and money, but I soon came to learn that it was more than that. I wanted to improve people’s quality of life. By doing this for my sister, I learn how to do it for others. My philanthropy is inspired by my sister, and now I do it in her honor.”

Now, she is working to become a physician’s assistant in a pediatric intensive care unit and chose the University of Kentucky because it had a hospital on campus. A native of Middletown, New Jersey, she knew she wanted to go to a big school in a small town and was taken by the hospitality and number of opportunities to get involved at UK.

Beyond the Student Philanthropy Board, Meghan is a member of Phi Mu Fraternity, Panhellenic Diversity and Inclusion Committee, Panhellenic Philanthropy, Project 3rd and Arnold P. Gold Foundation.

“I encourage people to give back, because I think of the times when I have needed others but was too ashamed to ask for help,” Meghan said. “People’s simple smiles and comforting check ins showed me that I could get through a hard time. They changed my life. By giving back, we can all have this effect, and I encourage others to help and promote happiness wherever they go.”