Noland Aull

A nontraditional student, Noland has big dreams. He had to postpone his education once, and he does not want to miss any opportunities this time around.

"The University of Kentucky represents the best things about the Commonwealth of Kentucky," the Owensboro, Kentucky, native said. "It allows you to meet different people and exposes you to great networking opportunities, great research and great work in opioid research. The opportunities are so vast here that it is like an oasis to someone like me, someone who wants to get involved in as many clubs, councils and commissions as I can."

The graduating senior is an ambassador for the College of Arts and Sciences, a volunteer at the VIP Center, a member of the Young Democrats, active on the Student Health Advisory and an environmental commissioner for Fayette County. After graduation, he hopes to pursue his master's in business administration, followed by his law degree. Then, he plans to become a professional activist.

"I have many passions, and I know advocacy is vital to ensuring the issues I care most about are understood and represented in government," Noland said. "I want to work as a consultant to help nonprofits and to help them further their work and philanthropy. Philanthropy is so important, from spurring innovation to providing students academic scholarships. I want to promote philanthropy on campus and extend our outreach and the campus' understanding of the role philanthropy plays."