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About One Day For UK

Now in its second year, One Day for UK is a celebration of the University of Kentucky. For 24 hours, alumni, friends, faculty, staff, and fans are encouraged to support their favorite UK college, unit or cause and to spread the word about UK on social media. It is an opportunity to promote UK pride and benefit students, faculty, research, programs and initiatives across campus.

How To Use The Toolkit

The toolkit is a guide for rallying support and spreading the word about One Day for UK. Below, we have provided you key facts and information, downloadable images and documents, ideas for promoting the day and best practices for university giving days. If you have any questions or problems, please contact Katie Sanders at katie.sanders@uky.edu or Lauren Eastep at lauren.eastep@uky.edu.

Keys To Success

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Step 1: Explain the day

In all of your communications, mention that One Day for UK is a 24-hour giving day. We all have one day to make a big impact at UK. Encourage people to get involved, spread the word and support your unit. Don’t forget to hashtag all of your social media posts #OneDayforUK.

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Step 2: Share your unit's story

All colleges, units and causes have designated funds targeting their key priorities. Explain why you chose that fund and how it will help. Mention unit highlights from the year, including how you are making an impact on students, research and the Commonwealth, and promote any matching gifts.

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Step 3: Get Creative and Engage BBNfluencers

The pieces in this toolkit are just the start. You know the best way to reach your audience and to tell your story. Find influential alumni and friends to spread the word, BBNfluencers make One Day a success. Use the provided graphics and text and adapt it to your unit’s voice using unit-specific language, images and videos.

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Step 4: Thank your supporters

Have a thank you graphic and text ready to post the day after giving day. Include your total in any follow-up emails, letters or stories in your newsletters and publications. Share UK Philanthropy and the University of Kentucky’s thank you messages. Express your gratitude throughout the day. We want our donors—alumni, faculty, staff, parents, friends and fans alike—to know we appreciate everything they do to make this day a success.


The Necessities

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Boiler plate

One Day for UK is a 24-hour day of giving where alumni, faculty, staff, parents, friends and fans can support their favorite college, cause or area. It is a day to celebrate the University of Kentucky’s achievements and to ensure the university’s future success. All gifts support our comprehensive campaign, Kentucky Can: The 21st Century Campaign, which increases opportunities for student success, funds innovative research, improves health care, strengthens the alumni network and enhances athletic programs.

We only have one day! Visit https://www.onedayforuk.uky.edu/ to track our progress and to make your gift.

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Logos and QR Codes

Below are downloadable logos to use on your social media, in emails, publications and other communication vehicles.

(Click here to view & download)

QR Codes are one of the best options for mobile giving. Be sure to use the QR code below in your marketing materials to lead them to the One Day for UK website.

(Click here to view & download)

Social Media

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Hashtags and Accounts

Be sure to use #OneDayforUK in all your social media posts. Follow and tag the official accounts below for all the giving day updates you need!




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Want to customize your unit’s profile picture or cover photo for the big day? Download the templates and instructions below. Feel free to use the stock images as needed and reach out to our Communications staff if you need help!

(Click here to view & download)

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Review a list of frequently asked questions and guidelines to help make the most of your unit’s social media channel on #OneDayforUK.

(Click here to view & download)

Mailings and Emails

Units participating in One Day for UK have a chance to send a unit-specific mail appeal and up to two unit-specific emails promoting One Day for UK. These unit-specific appeals will be in addition to the appeals sent by Annual Giving in Central Philanthropy. To request a unit-specific mailing or email, submit your request by March 13 by completing this form. To review the communications plan from the Office of Philanthropy, click here.

All mailings and emails should include One Day for UK boiler plate language and a reference to how One Day for UK is supporting Kentucky Can: The 21st Century Campaign. Mention your funds, the impact they will have and any matching gifts and direct all alumni and donors to make their gift at https://www.onedayforuk.uky.edu.

Multimedia & Design

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All official One Day for UK videos will be housed on the UK Philanthropy YouTube site.
Check back here soon for direct links to the videos to share on your social media sites.

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Digital Signage & Flyers

Spread the word about One Day for UK around the office and in your building on campus with these flyers and digital signage images.

(Click here to view & download)

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Sample Mailings & Emails

Need inspiration? Check out these examples and add your own twist to make it fit for your college or department.

(Click here to view & download)

Faculty and Staff Giving

Promoting One Day for UK among the faculty and staff in your unit
Basic Messaging

UK could not run without the hard work and passion of its employees. We are grateful for all that faculty and staff do at UK, and we want to give them the opportunity to further their impact with a gift as part of One Day for UK. Faculty and staff can make a gift to any fund at the university—including funds outside the college or unit they work in. We want all our donors to give to areas and causes they care about—that includes our faculty and staff.

How Faculty and Staff Can Get Involved
  • Make a gift
    • Mail—Faculty and staff will receive a solicitation in the mail in mid-March.
    • Online—Faculty and staff can make a gift online before One Day for UK at uky.networkforgood.com or on One Day for UK (4.21.20) at www.onedayforuk.uky.edu.
    • Payroll Deduction Giving Form—UK Philanthropy is moving to a new and improved faculty and staff payroll deduction giving form. The goal is for the form to go live on March 1. The new payroll deduction gift form has been designed with the user experience in mind. Faculty and staff will be able to sign on using their link blue id, give to any fund at the university, set up gifts to multiple funds, make a one-time gift or set up a recurring gift. One Day for UK has been postponed at this time. All payroll gifts, new and existing, made in the month of and the month prior to the newly scheduled giving day will be counted toward the overall funds raised on One Day for UK. Preview the Payroll Deduction Giving Form below:

      Home Page   Add A New Deduction    Confirmation-1   Confirmation-2   Confirmation Message 

      Modify Existing Deduction    Confirmation Email
    • Work with a UK Philanthropy Gift Officer to make a gift.
  • Spread the word—become a BBNfluencer. Faculty and staff make excellent champions for your unit, get them signed up as a BBNfluencer to help promote One Day for UK on social media.
  • Stewardship
    • After the day it is important to thank your donors as well as show impact of their gift before the next One Day for UK.
    • Central Philanthropy will be thanking all alumni, donors, faculty and staff on the day after giving day. They will thank all 2020 One Day for UK donors tentatively on the Thursday following the reveal of the final giving day numbers.
    • As a unit you need to thank your alumni, donors, and faculty and staff the day after as well. You can do this using social media. There are thank you images within the unit toolkit you can utilize. You can also use the thank you images for thank you emails and thank you postcards. Please thank your donors in the method you feel is best.
    • You will receive three reports during giving day as well as all the DDN’s from the day that will give you information about your donors for the day.
    • Regarding faculty and staff donors, please thank them in a direct manner, a thank you email, a thank you note, thank you call, or thank you visit. Please do not thank them in a way that identifies them as giving and others have not. An example of this would be putting a thank you for giving door hanger on their office door. It shows they have given, but it also shows the office doors that did not get a thank you hanger.
    Faculty and Staff FAQs

    Find answers to frequently asked questions about the Faculty and Staff Giving initiative here.

Additional Resources


Prepare for this year's challenges that will be taking place on One Day for UK and use them to your unit’s advantage. Check back here for more details soon!


BBNfluencers are our online ambassadors for One Day for UK. They help us spread the word and motivate others to get involved. Click here to become a BBNfluencer. Here are tips to make the most of your BBNfluencers:

Who makes a quality BBNfluencer:

  • Engaged fans – people who love UK and who love your college or unit
  • Donors – people who directly support your college or unit
  • Employees – you and all your coworkers
  • Celebrities – the most well-known of those who champion UK throughout their life

How to find your potential BBNfluencers:

  • Social media research
    • Who likes your social media posts the most? Who is using your hashtags?
      • Reach out to them, explain #OneDayForUK and get them onboard
  • Who are your loyal donors? Who are your major donors?
    • Their buy-in is essential, make them BBNfluencers! Major donors know other major donors.
  • Your Dean, professors, administrators should all be BBNfluencers!
  • All your staff should be BBNfluencers!

How to make them successful BBNfluencers:

  • Personal engagement from you, phone calls and emails will pay off
  • Give them some training, provide insight and help for what is expected of them
    • Create your own mini toolkit if you want
  • Not everyone is on social media, but they can be successful BBNfluencers via emails too
  • Give them a job, make them the VIPs, tell them what you’re planning for #OneDayForUK
    • Share your posts
    • Post their pictures
    • Interact with a day-of Challenge
  • Steward them after!
    • Say thank you
    • Tweet and retweet thank you content
      • You could even use a BBNfluencer in your thank you content
    • Engage with them throughout the year and see even more success for One Day For UK 2021
Unit-Specific Giving Links

To find your unit’s giving page link for use in unit-specific appeals and outreach, find it here.