Now in its sixth year, One Day for UK is a celebration of the University of Kentucky. For 24 hours, alumni, friends, faculty, staff and fans are encouraged to support their favorite UK college, unit or cause and to spread the word about UK on social media. It is an opportunity to promote UK pride and benefit students, faculty, research, programs and initiatives across campus.

This toolkit provides a variety of resources for those wishing to participate in One Day for UK. To participate in One Day for UK, a representative from your unit must complete the forms below by their respective deadlines.

Once your unit has confirmed its desire to participate in One Day for UK, please utilize the following resources. Below is a timeline with brief descriptions of what the Office of Philanthropy is doing centrally, a suggested timeline with deadlines for participating units and a glossary of resources and guidelines.

Important notes for One Day for UK 2024

The focus this year is, once again, on donors. Our internal goal will focus on unique donors to UK on One Day for UK. This goal will be announced soon. Only donor gifts made on One Day for UK will be counted. Pledge payments and corporate gifts will not be counted.

Counting for One Day for UK will begin once the checkbox on the UK Network for Good site goes live on March 18. Web gift counting will end at midnight on April 20, and mail gift counting will end on April 30. Payroll deduction gifts made in March and April will count toward the total. The final donor and dollar counts will be shared by or on May 10.

Required to Participate:

February 9 – Submit Fund Selection(s) Form.

  • Notifies the Office of Philanthropy of a participating unit and their chosen fund(s).

March 1 – Submit Text and Photo Form.

  • Allows the Office of Philanthropy time to begin updating and building pages.

Philanthropy Timeline: 

This timeline will be updated on a continuous basis. 


Date Communications type Description
3/20 Web NFG Page updated to include One Day for UK checkbox
3/22 Social Media One Day is four weeks away
3/23 Mail Annual Giving solicitation mailer goes to post office
  • Postcard in envelope, reply card listing all participating units
  • Past Donors of the last five years to UK, Current Donors who gave prior to 1/1/2023
4/2 Phonathon Resume donor calling
4/3 Mail Annual Giving save-the-date postcard goes to post office
  • Standard postcard, no reply card
  • Future and Lapsed Donors
4/5 Social Media Kickoff post with video
4/6 Social Media Student profile with One Day frame/branding
4/7 Social Media What is One Day for UK?
4/12 Social Media One Day for UK is one week away - Video 2
4/12 Email One week out - Be a BBNfluencer!
4/13 Social Media Become a BBNfluencer!
4/13-14 Swag One Day for UK yard sign distribution
4/14 Social Media Donor profile #1 with One Day branding - Why I give
4/15 Social Media Student profile with One Day branding
4/17 Social Media Check out the challenges! (Challenges preview)
4/18 Email One Day for UK is tomorrow (2 p.m.) Begins in 30 minutes (West Coast, 11:30 p.m.) Begins in 30 minutes (non-West Coast; 11:30 p.m.)
4/18 Social Media One Day for UK is TOMORROW!
4/19 Social Media Today is One Day for UK (posts throughout the day) Video 1
4/19 Texting One Day for UK is TODAY!
4/19 Email

One Day for UK general email (9:30 a.m.)

BBNfluencer email (10:30 a.m.)

Unit-specific emails (1 p.m.)

One Day for UK general email (5 p.m.)

4/20 Social Media Thank you post
4/20 Email Thank You
5/5 Email Final Total Thank You


Unit Timeline:

Hard Deadlines

February 9 – Submit Fund Selection(s) Form.

  • Notifies the Office of Philanthropy of a participating unit and their chosen fund(s).

February 23 (optional) - Submit Unit Specific Mail/Email form

  • For units sending their own mailer or email. This form does not require dates or audiences--it only notifies Annual Giving to reach out.

March 1 – Submit Text and Photo Form.

  • Allows the Office of Philanthropy time to begin updating and building pages.

March 29 (optional) – Submit Matching Gift form.

  •  Gift or gift agreement must be submitted to UK Gifts Receiving Office.

Full Timeline


Key Dates:  

  • January 18 –Q&A Session on Direct Mail

Important notes: 

  • Determine fund(s) for One Day for UK. 
  • Begin working on a matching gift(s)
  • Begin thinking about a photo and text for your One Day for UK page on the Gravyty website.  
  • Begin thinking about sending a mailer. This is optional. Mailer projects typically take 4-6 weeks to complete. 


Key Dates: 

Important notes: 

  • Determine if your unit is going to send a mailer. If so, reach out to vendor for quote and production timeline.
  • Submit data requests at least 15 business days before it’s due to the printer, preferably 20 business days in advance to allow for edits if needed. 
  • Determine if your unit is going to send email(s). If your unit has the bandwidth, unit specific emails are highly recommended. 
  • Continue work on securing matching gift(s). 
  • Begin work on BBNfluencer recruitment plan. 
  • Begin working on social media plan. 
  • Finalize text and photo for Gravyty site. 


Key dates: 

  • March 1 – Photo and Text form due for Gravyty site 
  • March 5 – Q&A on Social Media 
  • March 20 – Begin posting on social media 
  • March 21 – Units can begin to send unit-specific emails 
  • March 29 – Matching Gift Form due
  • March 29 – Central's unit-specific April 18 email details sent to Kel Hahn

Important notes: 

  • Finalize mailer with print vendor. Mailers with reply cards should be sent in March. Do not mail mailers prior to 3/20 to allow the Office of Philanthropy to send its initial communication first
  • Finalize email plans. Units can send up to two unit-specific emails between March 20 – April 16. Emails to alumni and donors must be sent through the UK Alumni Association by completing this form. All email requests must be submitted five days prior to the requested send date and include all materials such as text, images, links and data
  • Unit specific emails can be sent after March 20
  • Finalize social media plan
  • Begin recruiting BBNfluencers
  • Begin work on stewardship plans
  • Finalize matching gift details (due by 3/29)  


Key Dates:  

  • April 5 – Last day to send solicitation mailers
  • April 12 – Email request forms due to UK Alumni Association for April 19 thank you email
  • April 18 – One Day for UK 

Important notes: 

  • Post on social media 
  • Ensure mailer is sent
  • Save-the-date mailers should go no earlier than March 31 and no later than April 9
  • Send Emails
  • Think about challenges your unit might want to focus on 
  • Finalize stewardship plans  


Key dates:  

  • May 10 – Central finalizes numbers for announcements and final posts 

Important notes: 

  • Thank you post on social media and/or send thank you email with your unit totals.  



  • BBNfluencers are our online ambassadors for One Day for UK. They help us spread the word and motivate others to get involved. Once a BBNfluencer signs up to participate, they receive a verification email, access to digital resources through onedayforuk.uky.edu site, and they can choose affiliations with the unit/cause/area they want to promote.
  • Have a completed list of your target BBNfluencers – past BBNfluencers, engaged fans and alumni, employees, donors, celebrities.
  • Send personal invitations to your BBNfluencers asking them to represent your college – phone call, email, handwritten note.
  • Include information about One Day for UK and how to become a BBNfluencer in your social media posts, monthly newsletter, e-blast, etc. in the month leading up to One Day for UK.
  • Ensure your BBNfluencers have the resources they need for success – we have created this guide outlining ways BBNfluencers can get involved, as well as a folder of social media resources
  • Reach out to BBNfluencers via email about how they can help promote your college/program and any fund you want them to focus on. 
  • Send personal thank-yous out to your BBNfluencers after One Day for UK – phone call, email, handwritten note (hint: try including a coaster, sticker, etc. in notes to large contributors).
  • For tips on recruiting BBNfluencers, check out these slides.

Click here to see the complete BBNfluencer Guidebook, including a timeline, example emails, helpful tips, and more! 


Challenges are fun ways for your community members to multiply your impact. Focus on the ones that you want to promote to your supporters and include it in your email, mail and social media posts. You can find this year's challenges here.

Digital Assets - Linkblue email needed to log in!


Powerpoint icon
Digital Signage & Flyers

See last year's graphics for inspiration below, and check back soon for updated graphics. 

(Click here to view & download)


One day for UK icon
Logos and QR Codes

Below are downloadable logos to use on your social media, in emails, publications and other communication vehicles.

(Click here to view & download)

QR Codes are one of the best options for mobile giving. Be sure to use the QR code below in your marketing materials to lead them to the One Day for UK website.

(Click here to view & download)


Video icon

All official One Day for UK videos will be housed on the UK YouTube site.
Download these videos and video assets to share on your social media sites.


  • View all email guidelines here
  • Email is best utilized to bring awareness to your campaign. It is not as expensive or time-intensive as a mailing but usually has a lower yield


  • Promote opportunities for engagement hosted by UK Philanthropy
  • Plan your own engagement opportunity through a virtual or in-person event
  • Send or hand out One Day for UK swag using the logos in the toolkit


  • Let the faculty and staff in your area know that One Day for UK is coming
  • Highlight leadership who are passionate and make gifts
  • Share what philanthropy accomplishes in your area (give some very specific numbers)
  • Encourage faculty and staff to participate in One Day for UK by becoming a BBNfluencer, making a gift, signing up for a payroll deduction gift, or sharing about the day on social media
  • Recognize the faculty and staff who make gifts


  • View all mail guidelines here
  • Allow at least one month for planning and execution of mailings. Mail solicitations can be expensive and time-intensive, but they can yield a much greater return than email
  • Need inspiration? Check out these examples and add your own twist to make it fit your college or department

Matching Gifts

A matching campaign is one where a donor has pledged to give a significant financial contribution to the charity to “match” all donations from other supporters within a certain timeframe, up to their pledged amount. Matches are important because they create urgency to donate on One Day for UK.

  • Securing a matching gift from a donor usually takes months but is the most effective way to raise money on One Day for UK
  • Matching gifts must be booked (either cash in hand or agreement on file with Gift Receiving) by March 29. Please notify Annual Giving and Gifts Receiving of your matching gift by completing the matching gift form
  • Once your match is secured, tell your community that their dollars are matched on One Day for UK! 

Social Media - Linkblue email needed to log in!


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Hashtags and Accounts

Be sure to use #OneDayforUK in all your social media posts. Follow and tag the official accounts below for all the giving day updates you need!





image icon

Want to customize your unit’s profile picture or cover photo for the big day? View last year's templates below and be sure to check back here soon for updated graphics. Feel free to use the stock images as needed and reach out to our Communications staff if you need help!

(Click here to view & download)


Checklist icon

Review a list of frequently asked questions and guidelines to help make the most of your unit’s social media channel on #OneDayforUK.

(Click here to view & download)


  • View all stewardship guidelines here.
  • After the day it is important to thank your donors as well as show impact of their gift before the next One Day for UK.
  • Central Philanthropy will be thanking all alumni, donors, faculty and staff on the day after giving day. They will thank all 2024 One Day for UK donors tentatively on the Wednesday following the reveal of the final giving day numbers.
  • As a unit you need to thank your alumni, donors, and faculty and staff the day after as well. You can do this using social media. There are thank you images within the unit toolkit you can utilize. You can also use the thank you images for thank you emails and thank you postcards. Please thank your donors in the method you feel is best.
  • You will receive three reports during giving day as well as all the DDNs from the day that will give you information about your donors for the day.
  • Regarding faculty and staff donors, please thank them in a direct manner – a thank you email, a thank you note or thank you call. Please do not thank them in a way that identifies them as giving and others as not.