Tyler Kibbey

Tyler spends his days researching extremist rhetoric, studying how it impacts religious violence. He has seen the detrimental effect words can have on a culture and how he can use his position to make a change. 

"I want to have a meaningful impact on campus and student life," the Portland, Tennessee, native said. "I wanted to give back to my campus community through the facilitation of philanthropic programming as well as teaching others how philanthropy is valuable for students."

A first-generation student who grew up on a cattle farm, Tyler is making the most of his education. On campus, he is a member of the UK Linguistics Club, Center for Equality and Social Justice and the Graduate Student Congress. He also participates in the Linguistic Society of America. 

"Philanthropy represents a collective human ideal of contributing to the betterment of our shared societies, which is an ideal worth striving for," Tyler said. "As a member of the Student Philanthropy Board, I am hoping to learn how to better organize and undertake better philanthropic initiatives at the nonprofits of which I am a member."