OVERALL: Your job is to convince funders that your idea fits with their goals, you are the best person to do this project, and you have the most innovative idea that is going to have a huge impact.

  • Convey your passion and energy!
  • Appeal to both intellect and emotions!

Questions to Answer When Writing Your Proposal:


WHAT: What are you going to do? What are your goals?

HOW: How are you going to accomplish this? What is your specific approach?

WHY: Why are you doing it? What will be the impact?

WHEN: What is the timeline for the project?

QUALIFICATIONS: Why are you the best person in the world to do this project?

INSTITUTIONAL SUPPORT: Do you have support from the institution (UK) to do this project?

ALIGNMENT: How does what you are proposing align with the funder's mission? Does it help them to advance their goals?

BUDGET: How much funding are you requesting? Is this the full amount or is someone else helping to pay for this?

PARTNERS: Do you have community partners? If you are planning to work with community partners, then can you show that you have worked with them in the past or do you have a letter of support?

EVALUATION: How will you measure or assess the success of the project?

SUSTAINABILITY: What are the long term plans? Will this project continue after the funding?