Center for Student Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement

The goal of the University of Kentucky Center for Student Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement is simple. It wants students to know and spread the joy of philanthropy wherever they go.

Students make an investment in their futures when they give back. Not only are they strengthening the organizations and communities they serve, they are improving themselves. We will educate students about the need for philanthropy, give them opportunities to participate in philanthropic events on campus and celebrate the many ways donors and volunteers enhance the University of Kentucky. The benefits of charitable giving last for a lifetime. We want to walk alongside students from the moment they set foot on campus, encouraging them to harness their passion, amplify their giving and make an impact on the world.

For more information, download our Student Resource Guide: Corporations & Foundations (download).


The Center for Student Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement is located in the Gatton Student Center. Tucked in the Center for Student Involvement Hallway, it is worth the walk. Enter the Gatton Student Center from the front or the back and proceed to the second floor. Pass Bowman and the social staircase and enter the Center for Student Involvement Hallway. In the back, next to the Great Hall entrance, room A260 is the center.

Contact UK Student Philanthropy
Sturgill Philanthropy Building
Lexington, KY 40506


Student Spotlight

(Philanthropy is) helping in any way, shape or form that is possible for you.

-Shelby Browning, senior chemical engineering major

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